HERSE’s silk is a fabric of the finest quality, with a unique feeling and flow. With its thickness of 16 momme, it’s smooth and elastic. The silk becomes a part of the person wearing it, quickly adapting to the body and taking on the fragrance of perfume. The fabric keeps us warm in winter and brings refreshing relief in summer. We can adapt colours and patterns to mood, to the weather outside, and to outfits worn on any given day.

Hence HERSE’s silk becomes an indispensable companion to everyday life. It’s easy to get used to, but much harder to give up.


At our small factories, using traditional methods which go back generations, the most delicate silk threads are woven into the finest wool. The materials we use are the same ones which have served us so well for hundreds of years. They create textiles of unforgettable patterns and colours, as well as textures which make for a luxuriously unique tactile sensation. Fabrics and colours are shiny and vivid, with patterns visible on both sides.

Wrapping yourself in a HERSE fabric is the only way to appreciate how comfort and beauty can effortlessly merge into one.


Timeless patterns that bring together the depth, quality, and sensuousness of the fabrics are the hallmark of all HERSE products. Those in classic style match toned-down outfits while others, sporting more ornate patterns, may be paired with various styles and colours.

A HERSE’s shawl or tie becomes the star piece of any wardrobe.


Ties from HERSE’s Prestige collection have been fashioned by true artists.

The small factory where they are created boasts traditions which stretch over many generations. Pattern designs have been created especially for HERSE and every tie is sown manually from beginning to end. Made exclusively from silk, adorned with unique patterns and created in five different colour schemes, these ties are trimmed with white silk lining.

HERSE’s ties stand out as fine works of art, which can be fully appreciated only when worn around the neck.


HERSE’s creations are produced using traditional methods. Patterns on silk are screen printed, with each colour applied separately and wax protecting un-dyed areas. The fringes of silk HERSE shawls are first made out of silk and only later woven into the silk fabric during a separate process.


Packaging should be adapted to whatever is inside. This is why HERSE’s products come in hand-crafted boxes made from fine quality materials. They are elegant and bring out the exceptional character of HERSE’s products.